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The last thing anyone wants to deal with when losing someone is making funeral arrangements and organizing a wake. Funeral directors handle any necessary paperwork for advising on the ideal materials for caskets and headstones. Funeral directors take care of every detail in supporting you during this difficult time. 

Funeral directors can also go by morticians or undertakers.  Funeral directors take charge of most things during the process, from the decorations of the funeral, to coordinating the gravesite burial. 

Funeral arrangements

Your coordinator or undertaker will assist, if not control, all preparations needed for your loved one. They will provide you with support during this time and manage all aspects on your account. Undertakers can also be in charge of making flower arrangements and any custom funeral stationery. Next to nothing will fall on your behalf. 

Funeral costs can vary depending on how personable and customizable you want the service to be. The headstone and casket are typically what can make the price of a funeral be costly. Embalming of the deceased, if requested, is also an expense people may choose.

Coffins and caskets

Coffins and caskets come in several sizes and materials. They can be customizable and be local or imported. Typically, they're made of solid wood, or veneered with a matte or shiny finish. Other routes are offered, such as cremation and biodegradable coffins. Flowers and religious supplies can also contribute to the prices. 

Burial preferences

Burials can occur in either private or government graves. Graves can be bought, but are extremely expensive, and often passed on from one generation to the next. The decreasing amount of burial space has made purchasing one immensely difficult. 

Cremation has been more popular in recent years because of the shortage of burial space. It's a much more cost-efficient option and is environmentally friendly.

Tombstones and headstones

Tombstones and headstones honor the loved ones who have passed by having the deceased's name and date of birth engraved on them, and sometimes a personal message or prayer is also included. A mural or photo can also be added to the tombstone to add personal touches. Longevity is a key element in choosing tombstones. The tombstone will be exposed all year round, and making sure it will hold up against the weather conditions is vital. Marble and granite are favored materials for tombstones for their durability. Other options that work just as well are concrete, wood, bronze, limestone, slate or iron.  Your funeral director will thoroughly discuss your options and any concerns you may have.

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